Letter to the Enlightened Order of Love


Letter to the Enlightened Order of Love

June 16, 2012 “Wake up now! “A voice said to me, after living through a major crisis at work, which had waves of effect on my family. Well, now, I thank God for my falls, because I have learned a lot from them, and was led to receive the tea of inner prayer.

As I lost all sense of time and space during my first work with Ayahuasca, I perceived that Gaia, the spiritual mother, pervaded all of the earth, penetrated and helped our consciousness to see the reality of the body as well as the spirit. Waves of understanding succeeded each other, becoming something incontestable that, able to tap ever deeper resources from my field of consciousness, I was truly the light and needed to be clear to this profound awakening.

As my body metabolized the energy contained within the medicine, the force was preparing me to understand God within, and transform myself into a being within the community of the inheritors of this physical plant and the knowledge it contains.
Mires of illusion were removed that weekend as I journeyed with the force, the power, and the kingdom of light within.

Everything that happened in that first work has continued to be realized in my life. Self- transformation continues as my heart opens news ways to access knowledge and divine love, seeing through the muddy waters of desires, gratifications, and indulgences.

Drinking Ayaahuasca is, for me, a way to invoke the Divine Being present in all of us, and makes absolutely clear the true state of happiness and good fortune we all have if we are humble and serene at heart. And to not look to another’s candle for strength. It is a means to remind me who I am, remember my past so that I am better able to work in the present without fear or doubt of my future.

However, following this new path required commitment, incorporating the work into every day life. I often say that the real Ayahuasca work is not while the force, healing, and heart opening is occurring. Rather, it is the next day and week when the spiritual gift is not consumed on an occasion of inner study. It is when we begin to slip into that state or trance of complacency, when we face difficulties or believe our suffering is unique that we must be clear the spirit consciousness is here to help face life. We have to differentiate, through inner discernment, which boat we are going to take up river when egotistical motivations and vanity kick-in.

There is no limit to the healing sessions, guidance, and spiritual awakening that has come my way since I first tasted this tea with God’s voice. The more I am able to recognize and realize who I am, I have greater spiritual strength for whatever comes my way, and can, with this self-knowledge, be of greater service to my communities, my brothers and my sisters.

One of my most important communities is yoga teachers who want to work with underserved and unserved communities. I am the Executive Director of the ******* Yoga Foundation. I work hard helping yoga teachers address the practical challenges and benefits of introducing yoga and mindfulness practices to veterans, the incarcerated, youth, trauma survivors, and at-risk youth. I know first-hand how yoga helps individuals recover from depression, domestic violence, drug addiction, or prostitution. Others I work with simply felt called to serve. Regardless of the individual story, there is always a sense that meaningful transformation is never simply “all about me.” Service means having a mindfulness practice that builds abundance, abundance that you can share. If I find something I love, like these tools I share in yoga service, it's because I value these tools of yoga immensely. I give them away, share them how best I can.

In order to keep correcting myself and sop negative feelings and thinking, and work with patience and calmness to understand the suffering of those I work with, the tea is something that keeps me connected to the sun rather than the shadow, and, with God’s help, to hold this all together. My Ayahuasca studies clear, inspire, give, and cultivate

internal knowledge of everything that is inside a prayer, a vision, and the creative sphere of the universe.

I am a healthy 60-year-old. I have no medical conditions except hypo-thyroidism