I am an artist painter and musician


I am an artist painter and musician

“The first time I took the tea was for the celebration of Easter day. We were a group of 33 people. Even if I practice meditation regularly, I´d have rarely felt love as strong as I felt it with the influence of the tea. I discovered the importance of the group (I have a strong individuality) in helping me to feel God inside me and though every people.

I am an artist painter and musician and since about 20 years I´m trying to find a path that would help me to find peace and be in love with life and people.

Now I´m 60 years old and I´m dealing with the Parkinson disease, trying to find “the gift”. The Parkinson symbolize death of my body which became rigid.

With the tea I want to go in my cells and maybe be conscious of what is going wrong with my behavior. I think that the plant can show me the way to heal myself or at least accept what I´m living here and now. This point is particularly important as in the ritual with a group, people provide a strong support for the recognition of what everybody experiment. Also, the importance of music and mantras is significant during the ceremony because it provide a powerful healing on us.

It become obvious that the use of the tea is more efficient when used in groups. After my first experience, I commit myself to participate to a laboratory of research on consciousness and shamanism. This will allow me to contribute to create a better world. I meet the group once a month for the ceremony of the tea and we share our experiment.