I am ****** from the Netherlands living in the North part of the Netherlands in a spiritual farmhouse between two bird reservates connected with elements of nature around me. Water, air, earth, fire and the universe, the deer and the gooses. Both my neighbours living 3 km next from here. It is a very sacral and beautiful place. I feel I am here on a chakra point of the world.

The power of my high sensitivity and high hearing is given me by birth. Born and raised by a creative father and mother who believed in a free mind and always took care for others. I have a high consciousness of body, mind and soul. Working as a holistic massager, spiritual consulent, meditation coach, sound therapist, social worker and musician in different settings. I play African drums and percussion instruments. My grandfather played 15 instruments without knowing one note, only on feeling and practicing.

My experience with using ayahuasca personal has given me a deep-grounded inner science. My spiritual world is filled with love and positive energy. I name myself sometimes: a cosmologist.

Feeling happiness and gratitude for everyday life and to be very serious in helping other people on their path of life. It does not matter with what kind of question. It can be about love, relationship, work, identity, and illness. I want to let the people look inside themselves, because there are the answers.

I don’t do anything, just listen what they have to say and ask what they need.

To create a better world for themselves and then it will follow to others. To know the inner self is the most beautiful thing in life. Through sharing our spiritual energy we are able in creating strong new mind thoughts which can change the way of thinking in the world. That is my belief for a long time.

In the outer world we have created so much around us, with Aya, we can break with that and go for our own personal growing. I have meditated half a year, every day long with intervals, one night I wake up and saw my room filled with white light. I had my eyes open. It was so beautiful and deeply impressed. Once I laid one night long in a forest, just staring at the stars and I saw 3 stars changing with each other. I don’t know which stars, but I think it were my 2 sisters and brother I have never met.

I can write the whole day and night long of my travel. I made an energy connection, a rainbow bridge with Svaram in India. Aya works on brain level, sounds works on cell level. I hope you know what I mean.

My combination: Sub consciousness, consciousness, true sound and inner love light work and meditrance-dance.

I was thinking about wind chimes in earth tones, water tones, air tones, cosmos tones, fire tones and I searched the whole globe for so long, because I could not imagine that I was the only one with this thought and I found this man who created it in real silver, real brass, real copper, iron and all so perfectly tuned.

I found him like I found you, I found where I was looking for. With Ayahuasca, Sounds, Love, Respect and Dedication we are going strong.