Can I buy Ayahuasca tea?


Can I buy Ayahuasca Tea?

Buy Ayahuasca Tea (Santo Daime, Yage, Hoasca, Aya or Ayawaska as it´s also called) or any kind of Ayahuasca Tour is illegal and it is against the good practices of serious religious Works and you won´t find anyone reliable, that you can be sure of its precedence and quality, that are available to sell it. Most people who sell ayahuasca are almost outlaws who exploits children´s and very poor communities labor and destroy nature not allowing the vine and the leaf to grow naturally in plantations specifically designed to keep a self-sustainable process. In the end you will get dirty water that they call ayahuasca that in the best cases gives not much more than diarrhea (in the best cases) and you find yourself cheated. So, don´t do it.

Where to Find Ayahuasca?

In order to have real Ayahuasca Experiences one must go further than simply looking online for ads of Ayahuasca Ordering or Ayahuasca for Sale as they are simply scam. Not the real thing. To get real on this there is need to fully commit to Mother Ayahuasca as it is a plant so powerful that it is.
The right way to Work with ayahuasca is by affiliating to a serious Ayahuasca religious Work, an Ayahuasca Church, and then slowly creating a relationship of trust in the Work during your Ayahuasca Ceremony. To get a kit online and then to drink Ayahuasca without knowing what you are doing can be dangerous. Instead of buying ayahuasca, an approved affiliated can have access to the tea for free to perform the Ayahuasca ritual under supervision, just as a family would do. The affiliation implies in no commitment or legal issues whatsoever. Serious spiritual Works are not interested in profit and then all funds mean only to cover costs of production and supporting the church. Keep reading and find out how you can do it.


The Ayahuasca Retreat & Training and the Providing process

    What to do to get it safely and guaranteed

The Iluminada Ordem do Amor is a religious association juridically constituted, registered in all Brazilian federal organs. The Order is an international religious association with matrix in Brazil, it is Brazilian in its origins, and actually is registered officially in the Netherlands and is in process of legal establishment in other countries like Germany, US, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Croatia and others.

The ceremonies and the medicine are not charged whatsoever. All costs relates to the costs of the events and production of the medicine as well as maintenance and investment on infrastructure & sustainable plantation.

If you want to be part of this right away to start Working, please:

1 – Click here and read the info describing what you should do to get the medicine. Also, read this full website to understand clearly the proposal and what is offered, see the vids and pics to watch the people and the place and feel in your heart what we do.

2 – Once your appliance is accepted you will be instructed on how to make the contribution online as well as details on how you shall receive it.

3 – After you receive it and use it for your own ceremony, we will keep in touch to guide and instruct you on how to make the best use possible of the sacred medicine.

I hope to hear from you soon