The medicine prepared here is the high quality traditional vegetal already known. It is made only with caapi and viridis following the old recipe and knowledge of the local masters. The experience (retreat) will be divided in two parts; In the first part we will have more european-style-ceremonies, infused with precise and adequate practices of the IOA International, for those who wish. The second part is a full preparation of the medicine made along with IOA International and others groups in a neighbor group reserve and temple. The first part is intend to be more introspective, focused on the self experience and also adaptive. The second part shall be a group like experience genuinely as we are here in Brazil: a big family. For the first part ceremonies we may have 3 of them, some during the day indoors and/or outdoors, also at night at the very core of IOA International land in the middle of the woods, around a bonfire, besides the support house with bathrooms and kitchen for a meal afterwards . The preparation starts with the harvesting of the plants in a self-sufficient plantation – thus we do not extract it from the wild to preserve nature. Then the plants are washed, smashed and put in the panels so to start boiling. The fire must be kept lit for the whole duration of the preparation and everybody attending the preparation is called to work. Ate the end visitors will be granted a small portion of the medicine prepared so to drink afterwards. After the first vegetal is ready we drink two or three times in a more traditional ritual – once this preparation will take place in another groups land. It is a self-inquiring as well as a cultural-study journey. All the ceremonies of the first part will count on the IOA International  master Marcel performing special individual treatments of guidance, counseling and teaching and fellow graduated members of the IOA International to support the ceremonies and enjoy together