Payment is made through our secure website using a credit card and or in cash upon arrival.

Please, fill the reservation form here  in order participate of the Retreat. Once the minimum number of appliances are received we will ask you to confirm reservation through a first payment, non refundable, made through the website and the rest made upon arrival in cash or credit card machine/website; whatever is more convenient. Refunds upon quitting are made only from the difference between the amount agreed and the first payment. The amount returned is proportional to the proximity of the retreat date; the closer the date the less is the refund.

Applications to participate are open and will be available through the whole year. By the end of it, or until we reach the minimum number of seats to confirm the event, the payment system will be opened so to accept reservation fees. The limit date for refund will be December, 31 and after this date no refund is possible.

The payment site use and instructions will follow once interest is declared. Calling the CC holder to authorize transaction is advised prior making international transferences of high values.

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