IOA Ayahuasca Preparation

by Marcel Costa


The medicine has been a major part of my life. I drink it since I was 14 years old. It all started with my paerents attending a ceremony that would be the beggining of one of the most serious, respected groups of the medicine nowadays. And it all started 24 years ago.

Since then I had it twice a month at least (half of this time 3 times a month) for all these years. An approximated time of 4 or 5 hours under the effect of the brew. It a lot of time. Im must say today that what I am now and what is what I became during this time.

Not that the medicine is magical, miraculous or anything as most people like to think but because we, the people, are awesome. And this awesomeness, focused and amplified through the medicine became a very happy, good life. Out of that the main pleasure I find is to help people finding themself as well. And do that using the medicine.

Over the years I learned how to prepare it. As the average environment around the medicine is full of misticism – which has it’s set backs once it tends to elude people – I decided to go to engineering college so to add what Science and rationalism could provide to my medicine Work and my formation as a person.

What I found out was impressive in all aspects. Both approaches when put togheter resulted in much, much more than the sum of the parts. And this reflected in my technique of preparation which improved to the roof. Taking the best of what tradution could provide and filtering it with what science could endorse. A fine outcome. Both aspects are needed.

Nowadays I am a master of IOA international, spiritual path that exista to provide means for those who really want so they can find themselves through the medicine Work. IOA is spreading gently accross the world and ee gatjer once a year with all people interested to join the familu as well to experience the medicine and the love and the healing togheter.

I felt my experience could inspire someone here to take a leap and follow your heart to this, so here it is. I hope you can find your way to your inner real Self and happiness, in case you havent already.