The affiliation process is rigorous because it requires some care to be taken before starting the Work. Usually beginners are loved ones, friends, relatives or spouses/husbands of members of the Order which show interest in spiritual work and are invited after a careful evaluation of the member (if the person feels in the heart that the Work would be good for them and they would be good for the Work). After the invitation the future member schedules an interview with the responsible person for the reception of newcomers and this person will provide all the information of what is the Work all about, what is it for, how does it works and what is expected of a member. They are also informed about the effects of the tea and its use in the Work and any further questions which the beginner may have. In this interview the responsible member can have a good idea of the beginner´s needs and aspirations while welcoming him/her with love and care accordingly to the precepts of the our spiritual work in the Order. Health issues and information regarding the use of substances – medication, alcohol or drugs – are provided. Once the member is able to attend the first session, in case of using prescripted medications, the beginner is committed to seek medical evaluation about the use of substances that may be incompatible with the use of the tea. All the necessary information on how to prepare for the ceremony are given to the beginner and it is also the need to attend three sequential sessions before deciding on membership is explained. For teenagers under the age of eighteen years old a written consent of their parents or guardians is required and the presence of a responsible adult in the initial sessions it is strongly recommended.

All members associates to the Order in person expressing their wishes in written (term of affiliation) after his third sequential session in the group. This is especially important for those who never drank the tea once these three sessions (although they are a very small quantity in order to understand what is the Work) is an appropriate number for the person may have an idea of the effects of tea itself at different times (since the effect varies depending on the emotional state and the actual moment on a person’s life) while you can hear what is said and become attuned to the work to get an idea what it is and if that format suits your needs and condition of internal work.

Too often people coming in general were looking for this and feel they “find their place” at the first session – when we say that people came “embedded” – and even then you need to pass the three sessions in order to assimilate in life the effect of that experience and not jumping into something wonderful you may have seen; after all the results of the work comes in everyday life and the worth of the person is only measured over time. Also for those who have had some different experience or did not understand well what it is, that time is required for a one to see the Work in other contexts of your life, for other angles and thus can make a wise decision not rushed for excitement or choose to leave promptly based on an incomplete understanding of what the Work performed there is.

After three initial sessions the candidate willing to join sign a term of association that has a disclaimer about the use of tea and the compliance of the Orders laws, a statement of condition of health (no medical conditions incompatible with the use tea) and assumes the commitment to seek medical evaluation in case of doubt, a declaration of abstinence from drugs, alcohol and medication that conflict with the use of tea. Once this process is completed the member becomes part of the board of the Order and is committed to attend the sessions and pursue diligently the precepts of the Order in all aspects of your life.

For interested in membership who are residents of other cities / states / countries the process of affiliation may be appropriate to their ability in order to save costly procedures for those who do not have this condition. This process begins with collecting information about the person in a written interview and / or telephone and the absorption of all the information relevant about the Order and their conduct, religious precepts, if they do not have deep knowledge of our ways already. Conversations and interviews (both personally as far as possible) will be scheduled as many times as necessary to ensure the clear intent of the requester, its conditions to use the Vegetal, and adherence to follow strictly the Order´s precepts. All measures are taken at the same time to save physical presence of the member at the headquarters of the Order when it´s not possible (according to the situation of each one) and also to ensure that the future member is really in tune with the ideals of Work and sincerely want to be part of this school. Once clearly established the connection between the future member and the Order and it´s proved his/her extensive training to use the Vegetal within the precepts of the Order (with all the guarantees provided), you can opt for membership without necessarily the presence of three sequential sessions, according to the possibility of the member to travel and attend the ceremonies. Once signed the statement of membership, the member becomes part of the brotherhood with the same rights and duties of all the brothers and is allowed to commune the Vegetal responsibly in ritual session (whenever possible at headquarters), with dates and pre set locations, as previously agreed with the directory of the Order in fitness for their living situation.