The Master and the Path

Maestro Marcel Costa is the headmaster of IOA international – self-development school which uses the Ayahuasca medicine and he is an Environmental Engineer graduated by polytechnic school of University of Sao Paulo. In his early days he studied Occultism, white magic and has been through most of the oriental and ocidental religions and and found masters who pointed out to him the path of freedom.

His youth was marked by the honest confrontation of the self, attending groups of therapy, workshops of psychological and spirituals techniques, all of this inside major Ayahuasca groups in Brazil since he was 14 year old. He was co-founder of other ayahuasca medicine spiritual groups and have the opportunity to Work with the medicine in different settings and asserting the pros and cons of each model. All of that resulted in the foundation of his own balanced path which leads people through the arts of the spirit in a natural way; in the presence of God actually experimenting He.

After several year of spiritual quest and different strong events in his personal life, his search has ended. Since then, he lives to spread the faith that the Ultimate Freedom is possible and it is our final destiny; the choice is ours.

He wrote a book on this path called “The Inner Work” (O Trabalho Interno) and is writing another one, more profound and unveiling the mystery connections among all things and relating the “mundane” world as it is: a true magnificent gift of the existence.

You can download a pdf copy of ” The Inner work” for free ( Download pdf) for those who plan to attend the retreat so to understand better the marvellous experiences awaiting for you. For all others simply interested in reading it, please feel free to download it and read and if it touches your heart and soul, contact us to know how to donate so to help us and get more info on our activities. If you prefer the printed hard copy you can order it here.

The proposal of the book is to take the reader on a journey to the inner realms to rescue the psychological strength, emotionally and spiritually able to provide you the individual well-being and also the most diverse achievements in personal and professional life. In the author’s words, “leave the cocoon in which to live and voluntary act.”

It is shown the process of self-liberation, which involves developing and practicing the ability to see what is real or true without being affected by the vices of Desire. To know who you are means being in charge of your life, that is, leaving aside the subjectivity – the vice of handling everything in a negative way, as thoughts, feelings and beliefs acquired and crystallized during previous lifetime – and enter level of objectivity.

To this end, the author proposes the creation of what he calls “Work“, a spiritual deepening that allows deconstructing and breaking patterns impede the flourishing of an enlightened conscience. Life, therefore, must be driven from the inside out, not the other way around; in order to fly higher, you need a clearer view.

In practical terms, the book invites the seeker to begin a revealing journey, through a series of stages in an evolutionary gradation from ” man 1″ to “man 7.” One of the features available to sharpen this process of enlightenment of the mind is the ingestion of tea called Ayahuasca, whose main substance called DMT (dimethyltryptamine), also present in the pineal gland, allows the harmony between the physical and spiritual vibrations emanating from the body.

According to the author, it is very difficult for a human being to achieve the maximum degree of evolution (level 7), characterized by extreme expressions of loveliness and humility identified in a few spiritual leaders (like Jesus and Buda), but each person has within him the light to detect, turnoff and transcend all kinds of limiting influences and achieve everything you deserve by the proposed Work.