O Vegetal Ayahuasca

It is set in the statute of our institution:

In the development of its activities, the Order shall observe the principles of legality, impersonality, morality, publicity, economy and efficiency, with the following privileges:

To promote the spiritual development of its members through awareness of their place in the universe, as well as their spiritual potential and capabilities through the use of the Vegetal;

Propagate the core of love, consciousness and peace for all human beings through good behavior and positive attitude of its members, developed through spiritual work during the sessions under the influence of the Vegetal;

Spread the faith in Himself, in power and responsibility over their own lives and in God as the ultimate essence of each individual to all humanity, both within and outside the country, through the use of the Vegetal;

The sacred beverage called Vegetal (or daime /Ayahuasca as is also known as) is produced from the cooking of the vine called Mariri or Jagube (Banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaf called Chacrona or Queen (Psycotria viridis), both plants native to the Amazon rainforest. Its use in this spiritual work aims to extend the state of consciousness and perception of Being beyond the known limits and glimpse the higher realities that exist and are within our reach.

The Order has the Vegetal as a sacramental drink and it is used in all sessions rituals of the Order.

It is considered that the Vegetal is the Divine Vehicle, according to the ritualistic, ie, the set of spiritual instructions associated with the use of ritual drink of the Order. The Ayahuasca Sacrament cannot be sold nor attributed to Him any economic value; granted is the access to Him to all those in need, since it is fulfilled the standards and rules of approval, as the guidelines which regulate the association of members dictates.