The Religion and the Work

Here we need a new explanation of the concept of religion which is quite decadent over the extended use of the Word. The etymological root of the word “religion” means reconnection (religare) which is the reconnection of the individual with something superior or in short, with God. This is the meaning used by the members of the Order. The attribute of the religious Work where one has devotion and surrender is fundamental because it´s needs an integral donation of the self to God to become something higher. Anything less than the complete and sincere devotion of the member brings no gifts that belongs to the higher realms as surrender, acceptance and belief and the perception of the higher realities and thus it´s not possible for the member to manifest them from their hearts to the reality in this world we live in.

The IOA rises as a new and old religious order at the same time:
It is Old because the Great Work which is performed in IOA was and has been accomplished in some places of the world in almost all ages of mankind; from the ancient Egypt and Buddhist Asia and Sufi traditions to the modern religions as well as some local ones; anywhere a real connection with God has taken place, there was the Great Work being accomplished. As many knows nowadays, the apparent differences between the religious traditions and the several ways to approach divinity are in fact only more appropriate manifestations in a given time and place, for a certain kind of people to reach the reconnection with existence and all them are in essence, the exact same religion in the hearts of their founders which is the only real religion, now manifested in many faces. Pretty much as different advices to different needs.

And now mankind is ready to deal with a less rigid form of reconnection that puts its attention in what really matters above all things and waste no energy arguing which way is the right one and where the real path to God lies. This posture provides energy and attention to the Work over the self and maximizes the results. The recent leaders of any serious religion or spiritual manifestation has in common the knowledge that despite the use of specific rituals and chants, meditations and incenses, the most important thing in all religious practices is a fire in the heart of those who follows the path with honesty, allowance and absence of vanity. A Real Will to be happy and to become a better person for themselves and to the world. This flame shall not perish and all efforts will be rewarded as the divine justice never fails. And the IOA is born on this potential of human development.

The IOA is new because there is nothing alike in the world. It was originally designed to adequate the needs and conditions of the people from the west and be able to be implemented in any place or to any people by gathering the common elements of that people and use them to enhance the moral and the spiritual evolution in the hearts of each individual locally. It is a practical entity, a broad and individual-focused one (because each one is unique, responsible for him/herself and to his tuning to life and God) and it is capable to withhold inside its heart each committed member everywhere.

Here in Brazil, the IOA uses the holy Vegetal to reach a connection with God and to access the Reality of Life (which not always is visible from our mechanized viewpoint and due to the anesthesia of day-to-day life) and bring us outside the limits of our comfortable illusions of suffering to dive deep inside ourselves and to discover the truthful wonderful we are and to learn how to manifest it (that´s not that hard). The Vegetal is the divine tool of connection, the body of Christ to be communed between brothers and sisters and We are the real masters. The Work allows us to manifest these masters into our day-to-day life. This design is implemented here in this way to adequate to local people and to extract more “juice” of the Work from people around here. Although it´s not comfortable and sometimes not easy at all, everyone falls in love each time more with the ceremonies and are thankful by the changes they were able to accomplish in their lives through this inspiration and guidance.