The Objectives of the Work

Once it is virtually impossible to transmit through the use of Word show the experience of performing this Work is like, but only possible to transmit information about it, we Will focus on its goal which is:

The Development of the Being,

Spiritually – acknowledging their place in life and in the universe and living accordingly with it which is a necessary condition to all other transformations;

Physically – adding more body conscience, of health and welfare bringing benefits to health, beyond the eventual healings of psychosomatics disturbances

Emotionally – balancing their inner states through the perception of the unnecessary emotional processes and the harmful ones through experience;

Intellectually – understanding why and how things in life are the way they are and as a consequence of this the acquisition, the knowledge of what of Real Value can be done for oneself and for the world.

The results in benefits to daily life as a moral, economical, familiar and relationships enhancements as follows:

Moral – not imposed but harmonically developed in a way of the individual understanding better their place in the society and the consequences of their actions and thus an improvement in behavior out of themselves with no need of penalties or punishment.

Economically – once the objectivity clears the path to action in career and in profession;

Family harmonizing – through the experience of the family bounds, how the work and how we can purify the family net;

Deepening relationships – with mate or friends, for better Working your part in the relationship;

And countless benefits and Wonders which can only be experimented, all attached to the commitment of the member with dedication and will allied to discipline, once nothing of this comes in a glimpse of magic. This Work is in last instance the Arte to become responsible for oneself in every level.

The Order has as side objectives of its spiritual Work: the moral and intellectual lapidating of its members, the cultivation of love and respect for the family and for the country, the responsibility for children´s education and their moral formation, the compliance of the individuals and social duties, the work as dignified source of wealth, the exalting of the Good, the practice of solidarity, the promotion of Union and the community ideal. In this manner, the Work in our Order is to bring to its members the teachings, revealing, instructions which, once put in practice, are precious agents of inner transformation and of the spiritual progress.