The Iluminada Ordem do Amor is a religious association juridically constituted, registered in all Brazilian federal organs. The Order is registered under the CNPJ 11.161.966/0001-27 in São Paulo – SP and it is an international religious association with matrix in Brazil, it is Brazilian in its origins, and actually is in process of legal establishment in other countries like Germany, Belgium, Austria and US. The Order´s founder is Mr. Marcel Costa and he is the responsible master. The Order was founded in 07/31/2005 and exists formally, with fixed local since 2008.

IOA is a religion, a spiritual path which has as main tool the perfect tuning of the person with his/her internal God, the reunion and reconnection of each and everyone with divinity. This tuning is a goal that provides the members a better life quality in the spheres of the spiritual, social and economical, bringing happiness to them and to those around. It is performed in three ways at once, which are:

ILUMINADA (Enlightened) – The ceremonial use of the divine sacrament called Vegetal (Ayahuasca) provides an expanded consciousness and light over the inner and outer processes of life bringing understanding to heal the body and to transform the soul in a way that our spirit can intuitively manifest always and in its best shape, for all mankind over time.

ORDEM (Order) – The organization of IOA, the practice of this broad religion, adapted to each culture and local ways so the universal laws can fit in each local chapter, with specific rituals and cultural aspects in order to respect the differences between places and people and thus reunite all of them in a single body of love.

AMOR (Love): The relationship among people (inside and outside of the Order) means to intensify the bounds of Love and spiritual knowledge learned with one another and through the teachings of the master. Spreading love in each attitude so to connect all individuals in a big and beloved whole in a way each one feels they are part of God, deeply loved and cared for.

The holy Vegetal (ayahuasca) is essential for this Work because it provides and interdimensional space where all the illusions of separateness are vanished and the interconnection between all and everyone is easily felt and seen. The acknowledgement of each individual´s self in his brother or sister brings what Christ meant with “Love thy next one as yourself”. The relationship between members and the one between members and those around them (family, work colleagues, etc) spreads the knowledge and thus helps people to find their ways through difficulties and to see the best direction to follow in each situation. Also this relationship shares the love which over time becomes more available in everyone´s lives and thus contributes to a better World to us all. This is the action of Love put into practice.

The practice of the religion adapted to each local chapel provides a respectful way to include the richness of all cultures and ways of accessing divinity with their strengths, evolving their weaknesses through the Love intercommunications among chapels and the Matrix creating a manifestation of God and of the divinity which is bigger than methods or specific rituals. Because all humans are divine and all can access God. We better have allowance to perform it in the best way for each one. At the same time there is strong vibrations of love and understanding over life and it’s processes coming from the master and the matrix allowing us to connect each different ways into an Unity, which is the whole point of all this Work; to become one despite superficial differences and to approach God as well as possible.

The Order is a civil institution, of a religious character and eclectic cult, based on the teachings of the master, philanthropic, that bases its beliefs in God as the Supreme Being and ultimate reality, the origin and end of all things. The Order bases its procedures in the triplicate truth of Light (manifested conscience), of Peace (power and benefic action) and of Love (recognition of God inside in everything and everyone), it affirms it´s roots in the Original and Antique Christian Family while respects and includes spiritual traditions of all peoples and places; is tributary from the spiritual traditions of xamanism and enteogens cultures from the old inhabitants of the Americas and considers the holy Vegetal (Ayahuasca) as the divine vehicle.

The origins of the Order remounts of the União do Vegetal, 20 years ago when they came to the state of São Paulo brought by the master Marinho Piacentinni and the consequent creation of the group known today as Centro de Desenvolvimento Integrado Luz do Vegetal (Integrated development center Light of the Vegetal) in Araçariguama (city near São Paulo) founded by master Elza Carolina Piacentinni as a dissidence of UDV in São Paulo. The founder of our Order has taken part of the of the foundation ceremony of the CDI Luz do Vegetal 25 years ago. Today the CDI exists and is an example of a serious work using the vegetal as divine vehicle and has it´s ways adapted from the UDV approach to reflect their needs and conditions.

The teachings of the Order are based upon the development of the Being in a way to become a responsible member in the civic, social, economic and personal sphere. It is done through the responsible use of the Vegetal in the religious context provided by the Orders teachings, belief and methods, that are called in short as “The Inner Work” which holds inside it the bases of all religions through the scope of the understanding of the existence. It all comes in the end to the universal concepts of Love, Conscience, and Personal merit.

The Order is in a growing movement, and expansion carefully guided in a way to keep intact it´s precepts and the efficiency in personal transformation of its members and has been quite successful in applying the spiritual development to people in soft and committed way at once. The design of the Work in the Order was developed to fit the modern man and woman, subjected to so many distractions, evidencing that what really matters in the end, is the natural and smooth connection of the Being with the whole universe. This way the Work expands to boundaries beyond sea and deepens itself inside the hearts of each committed member.