Duties and Responsibilities

It is set out in our statute:

Is it the right of a member to step away from the Order when deemed necessary, communicating his will to the Executive Board.


I. To live accordingly to their inner divine guidance expressed through their intuition, pledging to develop it at meetings of the Order or elsewhere;

II. Ensure the good name of the Order;

III. Defend the heritage and interests of the Order;

IV. Comply with and enforce the internal laws;

The exclusion of the member will be given on the following issues;

I. Disregard for the laws of God – acting deliberately against his divine nature or from other´s once aware of what is done, by action or by omission.

II. Disregard for this statute and the Rules of Order – Disrespect and disobedience to the commitments taken to himself and to the Order by the time of admission.

III. No attendance at the Work sessions – except in special cases when the determination of the order and when the attendance does not imply abandonment of work.

IV. Questionable conduct, illegal or immoral acts – Contrary to the precepts of the Work and deliberately going against the goal of spiritual evolution.