About Iluminada Ordem do Amor

The Iluminada Ordem do Amor (IOA) is a path of the heart and a school of development of the Being and Spiritual Evolution. But the words “evolution”, “Being” and “Spiritual” are subjected to so many interpretations which makes the phrase above do not mean much. So, in order to let it clear what is this religion all about, I will define what we do understand for these words;

Being – Means our core, the nucleus of what we are made of – the most profound light that lives inside our hearts. This Being lives, in almost everyone, surrounded by several layers (personality, raising and childhood marks, personal history, etc) and the main reason of our miseries in life is our lack of recognition of ourselves as this wonderful Being and identifying with something else. This way we do not experience the richness of a Real Life (built in what we are for Real and not in what we think we are). This transformation from an illusory life towards what it should be is a process that does not happen by itself and for that a School of knowledge as this presented here is needed.

Spiritual – Everyone has already some notion which comes to mind when they hear that word, and the context we use it here makes reference to no one of those interpretations. Spiritual here means absolutely EVERYTHING that exists, including human life, because all things are part of the wonderful reality which our Being (covered by garbage) not always can perceive. The cleansing of this unnecessary load over our Being as well as the perception that everything is spiritual (once the Spirit is the cause of existence of everything) are both important parts of our Spiritual Work.

Evolution – This way, spiritual evolution means a shift in the inner reality, a shift in perspective, a shift in your conditions to make your own life to go on better, means the infusion of joy and beauty in your life. Spiritual Evolution means you being more yourself, understanding better your role in the universe and performing the actions that are meant for you (which lies in your heart and only you can find out) in the more effective way so to live each time better a happier. It means to understand each time more the functioning of all things, this cosmic dance we are into, and to know better how yourself works in a level which there is no further doubts in your judgments and your confidence in life grows more and more.

Then, a School of Self-Development and Spiritual Evolution means a place where you can learn as fast as you can how to make what you Really want from your life, and this process requires changes inside. Every treasure has its price and the price here is to perform actions right and with honesty and simplicity with ourselves. Otherwise a Real transformation couldn´t take place, only more illusion would be added. The cost is quite small when compared to the eternal benefits which emerge from them. It requires commitment, will power and predisposition to change.

The Vegetal (called also Ayahuasca or simply, the tea) is used as a tool of amplification of the conscience, the divine connection to the Whole, and this way is a must on this path. The divine tea makes us to connect with our hearts and perceive the infinite bliss that is the Love which lives in it. We can commune the sacred beverage and to explore deeper inside our hearts to perform the Work on self in a place of joy and friendship. A place where we can gather among ones with the same goal and commitment towards a better world. The friendships became more intense and truthful than usual and many of the social conventions may be uplifted in order for us to know better who we are and how happy we may become.