Ayahuasca Retreats



The IOA center is located in the city of Aracariguama, 40km from the Sao Paulo capital. The group is gathering resources and building the preparation houses and temple with all revenue from our activities. Surrounding the reserve area there are support installations for our activities which will be available for the retreat use while our center is under construction. Inside our retreat center we have temples for ceremonies, an hotel building made of nice simple rooms and bathroom, dinning hall, sport court, swimming pool, a lake and a lot, a lot of beautiful landscapes for hiking and have ceremonies at. Besides that we are in the countryside so we have the option of going further inland to explore local delicious restaurants, small cities with pharmacies, bakery, banks and other services; even shopping outlets nearby. Transportation will be provided from the airport arrival and for all activities until back to the airport for departure.


The food prepared at the IOA center and CDI preparation site is traditional Brazilian food. At the IOA kitchen it is possible for the participants to cook together and make special requests…

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Healing Ceremony

Special healing ceremonies will be performed for those in need.The healing processes takes place both in private and in group ceremonies depending on the personal need, with the regular medicine…

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The medicine prepared here is the high quality traditional vegetal already known. It is made only with caapi and viridis following the old recipe and knowledge of the local masters.

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Since time immemorial mankind has sought their way back to it ś origins looking for god. Many approaches were used by the different religions and many of these were successful. However no significant spiritual work has succeeded without caring for the needs and conditions of the people they were meant to.

That’s what IOA is meant to be a spiritual path, free in form – so to be adaptable – and fiercely devoted in the heart and as the tool of reconnection: Ayahuasca. This approach allows us to best adjust divine influx, so to be more effective and meaningful for the people. Paying respect and gratitude to the ancient ayahuasca traditions in south-america, as the IOA birthing place, we go even beyond and it flies high and stable above distractions, guiding people to the core of themselves, to the core of life. A humble and true religion of the preset days, meant for modern people.

Who are our members? People from all over the world who knows that the most important thing in a religious practices is a fire in the hearth, honesty, humbleness and joy. Feel free to connect your heart to ours and to the universal heart and let’s celebrate!



These prices has included lodging, food at the IOA center and the PETAR hotel, transportation from and back to the airport, transportation to PETAR and back, all spiritual individual guidance during ceremonies and off of it and preparation fees.

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Payment is made through our secure website using a credit card and or in cash upon arrival. In order to confirm reservation we request a first payment of 1000 Euros, non refundable, made through the website and the rest made upon arrival in cash or credit card.

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The lodging will be held at Pousada das Cavernas; a nice and cozy place near the wonderful natural landscape and caves. Participant will be granted with breakfast, trail snack,dinner.

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After the nine days medicine experience it is time to relax and enjoy yourselves in one of the most beautiful place of this country. In a nature reserve of the genuine atlantic rainforest, in the southern part of Sao Paulo state lies the biggest complex of caves of Brazil. There are more than 300 caves, beautiful rivers, waterfalls, hills and valleys with astonishing landscapes of quiet and tranquility. We will have guided tours through the rainforest and caves, nice baths in the river, watch colibris and other wildlife. The Pousada das Cavernas hotel is one of the best and well known hotels of the region. With cordial (some even german speaking) staff and food for all days in the stay, it promises to be an unforgettable experience to make memories from Brazil.