How to get and drink Ayahuasca tea

If you are true to you wish to drink Ayahuasca in the proper way, read carefully all the steps below and follow instructions and you will be granted the opportunity to have access to it.

  1. Ayahuasca healing, treatment and training center

    IOA international – is an ayahuasca treatment center of a spiritual path that provides mean for affiliated groups and individuals to get ayahuasca tea. For the past twelve years, we have assisted shamanic groups, therapists, psychologists, physicians, scientists, yogis, meditators, and other individuals in their active spiritual quests where to find ayahuasca. We began by supplying ayahuasca online – not as a delivery service of course – to affiliates who had contact with the Work in Brazil and wanted to keep up with it in their homelands. Now we have developed an efficient and organised approach to a distribution that allows us to offer the tea more widely to others who desire to use it in a responsible manner.

    This process evolved in a very informal and friendly way, with a relationship based on trust and love; and those to whom we provided the tea always helped with the costs through offering donations. Our branch of spiritual work here in Brazil is based on personal development through love and conscience, and thus it was natural for us to make this path available to others who sought to follow it in a responsible and beneficial way.

    To this end, we developed this online distribution center with a dual objective:

    • To provide a direct tool for those close friends and affiliates who already received Ayahuasca from us, while giving us greater control of its distribution and data regarding its use

    • To provide the tea in a respectful and careful way to other groups and individuals who really need it, after we learn from them about their history, their spiritual path and the responsible use they intend to make of the tea we provide

    Our spiritual workgroup is based on various teachings of many different origins, and our beliefs are aligned with every master who has said, “You can be your own master! Develop God in yourself.” We look forward to find the inspiration and truth we need for our personal development, searching our inner knowing and our hearts through mental contemplation, with the help of the ayahuasca. We travel a road of self-development not only so that our mundane life events will be satisfactory, but also so that we may develop eyes able to see the beauty and truth of life; then we can strive to live according this view. The IOA International center is a manifestation of this capability, a natural consequence of something that was meant to be. Our goal is to help open the doors of the quantum universe, knowing many people are truly in need of this assistance, and to promote the spread of work performed in a good and responsible way.

     For that purpose, we have developed this website, and we keep close contact with all those who help to create an aura of trust and love around this work. This site is designed to provide information in a clear and objective way for the worldwide fraternity of Ayahuasqueros. We have put here, at your disposal, all the information and material we thought to be important, and if you have any suggestions, please let us know. We intend this site to reflect the relationship of trust and love between our group and our affiliates, a hard thing to do on the internet, since one cannot see the faces and the smiles of others.

  2. Ayahuasca Ceremonies how does it work

    Many of our friends outside of Brazil reside in places where the constituent plants do not grow, and thus they are not able to prepare the tea. Simply to buy ayahuasca online is not just a waste of resources but a danger to yourself; the experience is powerful and going under it unsupervised and trained can do a LOT more harm than good. We had several reports of people that went to ayahuasca store to buy ayahuasca kit in ayahuasca for sale. The best way to do it is to do it right. First we get to know each other online and once the requirements are set, we meet in person here in Brazil for a single or a set of ceremonies specially made for you. This way our relationship grows and we became friends as we learn more from the your needs and the needs of those around you who could benefit from the medicine and you learn our ways and get training in ayahuasca use.

    Ayahuasca has been used for a wide range of well-documented purposes by diverse types of participants, from shamanic tribes in the Pacific Islands using it in their rituals to psychiatrists performing experiments leading towards self-knowledge and meant-to-be ayahuasca group leader who wish to hold ceremonies in their homeland where they feel it is much needed. Also, groups of holistic therapists and psychologists around the world have worked with powerful therapeutic techniques, and yogis and meditators have used it on their individual paths. There are documented cases of people with incurable diseases and chronic pain that doctors could not alleviate who found in Ayahuasca relief and a way to keep going in the search for good health. At the end of this page there is a set of documents and links related to Ayahuasca healings and scientific proof as far as they have researched it. People have their own reasons, individually or collectively, for working with the sacred medicine. There are as many ways as there are people. Who can say which of these are right and which are wrong? We here view “right” as “lovely and sincere,” and “wrong” as “harmful and irresponsible.” Other than that, we make no judgments.

    Ayahuasca exists to be used by mankind in the search for self-knowledge and spiritual integration with the universe, God, Allah, Krishna—or, simply put, life. We do not intend to use the access we have to it (through harvesting and preparation) to impose a certain kind of way of thinking and behavior, or place any kind of imposition that would be, by its very nature, unlovely, on those who really need Ayahuasca.

    We share this tea without asking anything for ourselves; it’s as simple as that. Obviously, it would be quite nice if the costs were covered by those requiring it—or else this effort will be very short lived. That’s why we request a donation for the tea we distribute. We have predefined costs for the medicine as well as to receive people here for the process of training before being granted access to the medicine. In this way, the work can grow and reach more and more people. For our part, we only want to guarantee as far as possible that the tea we distribute will be truly useful and beneficial, and to make clear that our motivation is one of love and availability, rather than of a commercial nature. Some day, those benefited by this can pass the good action forward to others.

  3. Our Intentions

    The majority of Ayahuasca groups and religions have their origins in the rainforest and its inhabitants. Originally, the local beliefs and ways of working spiritually always focused on the land and the elements of nature surrounding them, and the rituals and legends of the people reflected their natural environment.

    As years passed, Ayahuasca was introduced to other regions of the country, where it has since become widespread, and ways and works had to be adapted to those new populations. In each case, a master belonging to an older traditional group adapted and developed the Work in a new form, based on his personal experiences and spiritual guidance, and incorporating qualities that would facilitate assimilation of the new method by the people of the area.

    Each of the new groups that were formed reflected the spiritual lineage and methodologies of its creator, and these were incorporated into its customs and habits. Our Work is the fruit of extensive experience with rituals and religious ceremonies from União do Vegetal, Santo Daime and other institutions, but the ritual we use has a minimum of elements in common with these—specifically, we make use of those methods we find useful to good structuring and communication between members, rather than techniques of indoctrination and mystification.

    We believe that every human being has innate intelligence and divine truth in their heart, and our path is more a method to access these treasures of inner self-guidance than a collection of beliefs and externally imposed practices. For us, everything that enlightens human consciousness in a lovely and peaceful way is valid, and things that do not lead to these are useless in our ceremonies. Our gatherings are cozy and warm reunions of friends who meet in communion and meditation and treat each other with an exceptional affection. On these occasions, we talk about our personal experiences as well as technical specifics about the process of self-development.

    It is our intention, with this distribution, not only to provide the tea but to spread our way throughout the world, so that we can have more brothers and sisters in love with each other and thus do the world a greater good. We aim to expand this beautiful Work worldwide in a grounded and step-by-step manner, caring for and relating closely to those who are our affiliates and ensuring that those who receive the tea from us also receive the energy and the love infused in its preparation and distribution. Hopefully in time, we may become a solid worldwide reference Ayahuasca Center for treatment and training of masters who truly wish to develop their own ceremonies aligned to what is good and provide guidance to them. The relationship between us and you is meant to be one of friendship, love and trust. There is no distance separating us (thanks to the Internet).

    For these reasons, we reserve the right of not providing tea to those who do not intend to use it in the abovementioned way. It doesn’t matter to us what ritual forms our affiliates use; everyone has their own way to access divinity. What matters is the intention behind the usage, and we will not allow what we provide to be used in a twisted manner. That includes these ¨fake¨ works that takes advantages of naive or desperate people promising miracles in exchange of money.

    Our goal is to build a worldwide “faith” or “path” that comfortably encompasses everyone’s ways and yet remains the same: based on love, trust, responsible action and conscientiousness towards everyone.

  4. What it’s made from and how it’s done – Banisteriopsis caapi & Psychotria viridis
    This tea is a psychoactive decoction of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Psychotria viridis bush leaves. Here in Brazil, we don’t classify the vine by colors (yellow, black, red and so on), but simply by its two main sub-species; Mariri (the local name for B. caapi) Caupuri and Mariri Tukunaka. The first of these has several nodes on it, and the second is straighter. Both are very potent despite having different effects. The Caupuri tends to induce more visual hallucinations (or “mirages,” as some say) and physical effects, while the Tukunaka tends to elicit a smoother, stronger experience without as many physical effects—depending, of course, on the amount ingested.The tea produced and distributed here is prepared from the Mariri Tukunaka. This Ayahuasca is brewed in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in the Brazilian state of Acre. It is prepared by Feitio masters invited by associated groups (of which we are one) and by the masters of these groups (including ours), and is then distributed to churches or organizations for storage and use. We also have built up a new preparation center and have 200 people preparation party that lasts 3 full days, working and chanting day and night (see pics in the gallery). The methods of harvesting and preparation are completely self-sustainable; despite the great abundance of raw materials (caapi spreads easily, and viridis is a bush that’s ready for harvesting in one or two years) in the rainforest, all the plants we use are harvested in one group’s plantations. There is no harm to the forest or to the environment once we also have a self-sustainable plantation of our own.The use of Ayahuasca in Brazil is completely limited to spiritual work, and Brazilian law only permits this type of use. Ayahuasca is not a recreational drug, and in fact cannot be used in such a manner, due to the nature of the experience. Ingestion of the tea induces a state of inner reflection and communion with the self, with others and with God, or whatever form of divinity the user perceives. Experience has shown us that the tea does not tend to interest people who are simply looking for a high. When using it, they often have to face their inner selves and everything they usually run from (and such avoidance is why they use drugs); and in most cases, they don’t like it. Ayahuasca is a self-discovery tool, not something to be casually tried by those who do not know what they are doing. We reserve the right not to provide the tea to people who we think wouldn’t put it to good use. It could harm an entire community of Ayahuasqueros fighting for their right to use it in their countries to have some foolish person do something stupid with it.To facilitate storage and distribution, a technique of dehydration has been developed in the past four years that transforms the tea into a kind of jellied substance that doesn’t need refrigeration. To use it, one just has to add water, following the instructions provided, to restore it to its previous form. It also can be drank as it is. The dehydration process is needed to diminish the volume and improve storage.Obviously, the preparation of the brew involves various expenses, to remunerate the work of many forest folks located in faraway villages who survive off this process as well as to cover the costs of raw material, transportation, preparation, processing and distribution. The donation suggested here is meant to cover these costs, and also to improve our physical installation (plantation), so our operations can grow. The whole process is described here, from harvesting to distribution:1. The Mariri and the Chacruna (Psychotria viridis) are harvested in jungle plantations (selected on the basis of where the preparation is to be done), and are transported by foot within the jungle, or by boat to the preparation site.2. The Mariri is washed with water and a steel brush to remove dirt, and then smashed to small fibers. The fibers are separated and gathered in a huge pile, ready to be cooked. The Chacruna leaves are individually washed to remove dirt and small insects, and then they are ready for cooking, too.

    3. The ingredients are placed inside a huge pan, and the cooking fire is lit. Several people take turns manning twelve-hour shifts, day and night; they watch to make sure the tea does not boil over, and add wood as needed to keep the fire at a certain height. The process is complicated and demands a great deal of knowledge on the part of those who execute it. Several cooked batches are mixed together and re-cooked to ensure that the final result will be of sufficient strength. The finished tea is stored in large containers prior to shipping to the groups that will distribute it.

    4. The tea is sent to our center, where it is dehydrated. The dehydration process requires great care; it demands full attention and much experience and knowledge of the technique, to guarantee the right concentration for distribution. Each liter goes through high temperatures for several hours in a controlled way to reach the gel point.

    5. In the distribution center, it’s packaged and labeled with reference to the original lot to which it belonged, and the work of disclosure and relationship with our affiliates begins. All the decisions about distribution are made by the master in charge of it and it depends exclusively of the good relationship established so far.

    The tea is prepared by us and we use it in our rituals; the tea we use is the same as that meant for distribution. It is prepared with strong good intentions and infused with subtle energies to elicit specific states compatible with our Work here in Brazil. In this new process of sharing this experience with the world, the tea is a means to achieve an attunement between people abroad and us here. It is, without exaggeration, the best quality medicine you have ever tasted and will ever try. So, it’s strong and very subtle at the same time, and thus perhaps even experienced Ayahuasqueros will have to tune themselves to it in order to extract the most from the experience. Less sensitive ones may have to drink more to get the same results they are accustomed to on less refined teas, until they tune in to it. The more sensitive to these subtler realms one gets, the stronger the love and connection to us and to the universe one feels.

    Ayahuasca is beneficial and safe for all those who uses it in a responsible way. Every one used to it learns to respect this sacramental medicine.

  5. Ayahuasca Sale is forbiddenSelling or buying Ayahuasca is forbidden and goes against the good practices of most users and sects. But distribution between groups and individuals who use it in a serious line of work is allowed and is very common in Brazil; it does not imply any illegal act. If it were not this way, only those members of the primary Ayahuasca religions could express their spirituality; and all have the right to do so in their own manner, whatever their approach and methods. But in the eyes of various governments, there is too fine a line between those who distribute it “for serious work” and those who could merely be looking for a way of selling some drug, and that’s why we have such close communication with those who are requesting tea from us. At the same time, we want to guarantee that what we distribute is put to worthy use, and to grow in confidence and reputation as the valid path that we are. For years, all the major religions have been granted their right to use and distribute the tea, because of their good, beneficial and solid way of working with it, and we are heading the same way. To this end, we collect from each requester a statement of how they intend to use the tea, in addition to personal information regarding their spiritual path and their prior level of experience; we also collect records of their experiences and results with the tea we provide to them.We do not sell it; we share it with brothers and sisters in the Work wherever they are, expanding the possibility of access to others who, like us, want to work with this source of light and understanding. This way, others can see what we see and take better care of the world and of each other. That’s our main spiritual belief: Spread good. Ayahuasca “belongs” to no one, and so no one can claim ownership and exclusivity of its usage; it’s a gift for mankind and shall be accessible to all those who with it can collaborate to build a better world. So keep it in mind when relating to us and requesting permission to use it.Although Ayahuasca is not forbidden in Brazil or in the majority of other countries around the world, you should check the legal status of it in your country to avoid any issues. We have a list of countries where its status is legally dubious (and in these cases, the requester holds legal responsibility for it and for ensuring that the tea is used in the manner mentioned above), and a list of the countries where it’s forbidden.
  6. Finally, what do you have to do to get itThe higher purpose of this distribution is to connect and relate to people everywhere in order to expand our spiritual work wherever there is thirst for it. We do it in several ways; providing the medicine for groups already established elsewhere, receiving people for training and walking the spiritual path here for sometime until they are ready to lead solo or group ceremonies in their homelands or going to their homelands and performing ceremonies in order to show what it is about and how it works to enhance people happiness in life and inner growth. If you want to request the Master to perform ceremony in your homeland, please refer to it in the first email. For all others the steps-by-step procedure is as described below:
    1- Write a letter of one full page, in an objective, sincere and truthful way, explaining with details the ends you wish to acquire using the sacrament, under which ritual (if any), with how many people and additionally containing the whole spiritual backgrounds of the person or group intending to become an affiliate as well as the backgrounds with ayahuasca. Do mention in details any health issues or unbalances you have previously diagnosed. Special care for psychiatric diagnosed diseases as they may be enhanced by the use of the medicine. Also mention if you made or make use of any drugs or substances. Detail more in case of addictions. Once ready, date it and sign it then send it to contact@enlightenedorderoflove.orgThis form is needed in order for us to gather information and to have written proof of the good intentions of our requesters as well as to determine if such a requester is able to work responsible with it. It´s not a test of some kind nor do we “judge” the spiritual path in it. Just without it, we could not attest to those with whom we are sharing the tea and the usage that has been made of it. Be especially careful when describing your background and experience with Ayahuasca, as well as the spiritual line and ways of usage you intend for the tea we are granting to you. The more detailed the explanation, the better. Short texts and general answers will not be accepted.In case the sincerity and responsibility of the requester and the alignment of purposes has been verified, we will get in touch in order to know better the work and the person who wants to become a requester and after that we will send specific information on how to proceed.

    2- This information explains the options for you to get the Ayahuasca Medicine in details. In general lines, we ask for people to come to our ceremonies here in Brazil, in our countryside center where we have the plantation and where we do the Ayahuasca preparation. The ceremonies are not charged whatsoever and can be arranged upon agreement, and then the participant can take with him the amount needed for a certain period of time. Another option is sending the medicine out, using and delivery service of choice. For this option we must consider legality on the receivers country as well as delivery issues that could take place.

    3- Once the relationship is established and the regular options are discussed, then a safe amount of medicine, supposed to last year for solo use is prepared and given to the requester. This have a cost that is equivalent to the amount requested, but it is not absurd only what is needed to cost the medicine. Notice that we send high amounts at once so to have plenty of the medicine when you get back. And also that the average cost is waaaay lower than these ¨ayahuasca experiences¨ being sold all around. You will have a much better experience, because it is real and not meant to entertain tourist and for a much lower cost, the same we practice here in Brazil. All this costs can be agreed upon once they are not a price rather than and average of what is needed. It may vary slightly depending on what it is decided.

    So these are the steps necessary for you to have access to the medicine.

    We thank you for your support and patience, and congratulate us all for working to create a better world for ourselves and for others.

    With love,

    IOA International